Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea is equipped with large-scale production facilities and management systems in compliance with the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). We provide customized manufacturing services of various powder formulations according to customers’ needs, from specifically-customized amino acid mixture supplements to bulk production of commercial growth and feed media.

Manufacturing Capacity

Manufacturing Capability

: arious production scales and packaging options are available. Please contact us.

Container(L) Minimum 20L ~ Maximum 2000L
Scale(kg) ~10kg ~ ~1ton

Annual maximum production capacity
: 200 ton (1 ton x 200 batches)

Manufacturing Flow

Weighing is a process to measure the designated ingredients precisely with appropriate scales, which are periodically calibrated.
Pulverizing is a process to make uniform and stablesize of particles. Use specific pulverizer/mill for pulverizing process based on the characteristics of ingredient (e.g. trace elements) and scale of production. Mixing processis crucial for ensuring uniformity of intermediate products. According to characteristics of ingredients and to production scales, separated pre-mixing procedures are employed in the overall process.
Sieving process is a technique for prevention of foreign material contamination according to size. 2 mm- and 1 mm- sized sieves are used sequentially.
Final mixing is a process to assure the uniformity of products.
Packaging is done according to the requested quantity and packaging volumes, by using automatic filling equipment. Also labelling is proceeded.

Test Item

Product quality are evaluated by the following tests

  • Appearance (powder, after dissolving)
  • Loss on drying
  • pH (after dissolving)
  • Osmotic pressure (after dissolving)
  • Cell culture test
  • Endotoxin test
  • Microbial limit testing (TAMC: NMT 100cfu/g, TYMC: NMT 20cfu/g)
  • Mycoplasma

Packaging forms

Aluminum pouch 6L Plastic drum 20L Plastic drum 60L Plastic drum
Amount(kg) ~0.050kg ~3kg ~10kg ~20kg
Amount(L) ~1L ~50L ~500L ~1,000L

*Packaging materials, unit amount/volumes, and quantity of production scale may be adjusted according to customer requirements.


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