Glycyl-L-Tyrosine Dihydrate

CELLiSTTM offers a comprehensive solution for all your biologics manufacturing requirements. CELLiSTTM Glycyl-L-Tyrosine Dihydrate (Gly-L-Tyr) provides exceptional solubility, enhancing the overall available tyrosine source, which is a critical component for cell growth and productivity. Gly-L-Tyr solubility surpasses that of traditional L-Tyrosine. Incorporating CELLiSTTM Gly-L-Tyr into the manufacturing processes removes the need for two separate feeding lines, resulting in a simple, robust and cost-effective workflow. This product was developed by Ajinomoto Group, leveraging years of experience in amino acids science and bioprocess design, as well as high-quality raw materials production capabilities.

CELLiST Glycyl-L-Tyrosine Dihydrate

By using media supplements for cell culture experiments, there are many advantages for titer improvement as well as cost effectiveness. CELLiST Glycyl-L-Tyrosine Dihydrate help ensure the reliability and consistency of Your cell culture and research results.

  • Chemically defined supplement
  • Suitable for all types of feed media
  • Packaging form can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements
  • Does not contain :
    - Does not contain animal-derived components
    - Does not contain hydrolysates, extracts or other undefined components
    - Does not contain protein like growth factors
    - Does not contain L-glutamine sources, sodium bicarbonate, or poloxamer


Model No. Glycyl-L-Tyrosine Dihydrate
Format Powder
Storage Condition Room Temperature
Shelf Life 24 months
Item Description Powder, chemically defined and animal derived compound free


Gly-L-Tyr is an effective tyrosine source with high solubility

CELLiST Glycyl-L-Tyrosine Dihydrate is a highly-soluble and effective tyrosine source, which is an essential ingredient for biologics manufacturing. Unlike other tyrosine sources, such as L-Tyrosine disodium salt dihydrate (L-Tyr+2Na), which requires an alkaline pH and presents challenges during dissolution, Gly-L-Tyr provides optimal solubility without compromising pH conditions.

L-Tyrosine Gly-L-Tyr
Solubility at 25°C 0.479 g/L 36.9 g/L

Streamlined Process and Cost-Cutting

Choosing CELLiST Gly-L-Tyr simplifies your manufacturing process. Unlike L-Tyrosine or L-Tyr+2Na, which requires an additional, separate feed source at higher pH due to reduced solubility, Gly-L-Tyr allows for a one-line feeding process, resulting in substantial decrease in running costs. Gly-L-Tyr can be easily supplemented to the main feed, dissolved at neutral pH and provides consistent tyrosine source to your cell culture, without introducing any pH fluctuations to the culture.

Optimized tyrosine source for improved productivity

The addition of Gly-L-Tyr to the process optimizes tyrosine source supply to the cell culture and results in significant improvement to the performance and productivity of the feb-batch process. The graph below shows the increase in productivity (titer) for a fed-batch CHO cell culture.

Animal Origin Free (AOF) Guarantee

CELLiST prioritizes the quality and safety of our products. Our Gly-L-Tyr is guaranteed to be Animal Origin Free (AOF). To ensure the highest standards, we employ a fermentation process for L-Tyrosine, avoiding the use of animal-origin materials found in extraction processes, such as those utilized by other manufacturers.

Shorter Lead-time and Stable Supply

We value our customers’ time constraints and production needs. With a lead time of just 2 weeks for in-stock items, and 6 months for out-of-stock products, we are able to provide you with extremely rapid delivery and support.


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