Technical Support


CELLiST Solution Center(CSC) is Ajinomoto’s ‘All in One’ customer solution Center offering comprehensive technical support to our global customers. CSC will help our customers to maximize the performance of their biologics And biosimilar pipelines.

What We Can Offer

Customer Support, Consultation & Remote Services

Providing of media samples
Frequent support & rapid troubleshooting service on all cell culture, media or process issues Comprehensive Spent Media analysis service, including cell viability, IgG titer, full amino acid consumption profile and metabolites analysis

Cell Adaptation & Media Screening

Comprehensive adaptation procedure optimization @ CSC Lab
Media screening (using CELLiST media library as well as any desired formulations by the customer) Cell culture in either shake flasks or Ambr15® microbioreactor system Complete spent media analysis Cell stock production & validation

Scale-up Support

Close support to our customers through their process development and scale-up stages up to commercial manufacturing Application of quality by design (QbD) concepts and DoE approach for process & media development Scale-up tests in 3L bioreactors (in near future, till then can use nearby facilities)

Protein Quality Analysis

Accurate, rapid characterization of product CQAs using cutting-edge, high-throughput technology Complete Glycan profiling Charge variants analysis

Media Customization

Optimized media and basic culture process development (including cell line transfer) Dedicated cell culture media engineers for each project  Flexible development options for customer’s needs or project time-line (rapid optimization using ML, detailed optimization by DoE program)

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