Solution Center (CSC)

About us

CELLiST Solution Center (CSC) is a fully-equipped customer support lab located at various sites, including Incheon (South Korea), Shanghai (China) and Ahmedabad (India), with the aim to provide professional and flexible support to our customers across Asia. CSC Lab employs cutting-edge systems, including robotic systems for powder media formulation and automated micro-bioreactor systems. Cell-culture media customization and process optimization is achieved by employing the latest technological tools, including multi-omics, 'Digital Twin' and AI/ML modelling for Big Data analysis.

Key Advantages

1. Flexible and fast operation which is completely focused on our customers’ needs.
2. Dedicated, experienced team of scientists who are always here to support our customers.
3. Cutting-edge systems together with Ajinomoto’s unique technologies all of which allows us to provide high-quality solutions for our customers in the minimum amount of time.

Global CELLiST Solution Center (CSC)

70, Songdogwahak-ro, Yeonsu-gu. Incheon, Republic of Korea
Tel:+-82-32-210-2695 Fax: +82-32-210-2607
Mail : yaron.silberberg.dk2@asv,ajinomoto.com
Ahmedabad, India
Mail : parshadg.hirapara.ut3@asv.ajinomoto.com
Shanghai, China
Mail : mingqi_fan@ajinomoto.com.cn

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