Talented Human


In order to create added value from the customers’ viewpoint, we build a trust relationship with the people involved and continue to improve independently to create results.

We support what is possible because of you.

We respect each individual's personality, individuality, and diversity, and nurture and support those who set big goals and challenge them. We create a corporate environment in which each person recognizes their presence, is willing to grow, and creates results.

We utilize the capabilities of all employees of the global group.

We recruit and nurture talented people who will be responsible for the future of the Ajinomoto Group across countries and regions. Individuals' skills, responsibilities, and performance are evaluated fairly and reflected appropriately in treatment. We comply with the laws of each country and do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, gender, age, or religion.

We provide an environment where everyone in the group can collaborate.

We create a workplace that values communication and teamwork and an organization that can grow based on trust. We promote the improvement of a workplace environment where employees can work with confidence and high productivity.


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