Since its establishment, the Ajinomoto group has consistently strived to solve social problems through business and created values to be shared with the society and communities, thereby improving economic values and achieving growth. This effort is referred to as ASV (The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value) and the ideological system that has established itself as the core for realizing the mission and vision of ASV has been set as “Our Philosophy”.

Corporate Messages

Eat Well, Live Well.


The meaning of existence, mission, and goal that are to be pursued persistently as a company.

We contribute to "food", "wellness", and a better life tomorrow with a global perspective.


The state that is desired to be achieved in the process of pursuing the mission.

We aim to become a reliable global group specialized in food, which is led by our leading-edge bioscience and fine chemical technologies


Efforts to create values along with the society for the realization of the vision.

Consistent efforts to create social and economic values together through business, since its establishment.

Ajinomoto Group Way

Values shared by every employee, basic way of thinking about and attitude toward work Create New Value (Create), Pioneer Spirit (Pioneer),Social Contribution (Contribute), Value People (Respect)

Ajinomoto Group Policies (AGP)

The way of thinking and the code of behavior that each company of the Ajinomoto Group and each employee working there are obliged to follow.

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