Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea基于Ajinomoto(株)的氨基酸技术和通过三十年以上积累的动物细胞培养基生产领域的经验,不仅开发了定制培养基,还成功开发了在现有培养基产品的基础上的补充剂产品, 以及提高培养基性能的微调服务,为提供适合于客户的细胞株和工艺的培养基,提供多种定制服务

  • Consist of around 70 components.
  • Optimize all components is unrealistic
    → Efficient medium optimization strategy is the key to a successful

Categorize medium components in to 3 groups

Total Solution for Media Customization

Media library offer

Offering AJINOMOTO CHO media library (ML) for a target cell line Medium mixture design

Spent media analysis service

Measurement of amino acids, vitamins, and inorganic metals Spent media analysis support

Medium optimization (co-development)

Optimized media and basic culture process development (including cell line transfer) Dedicated CCM engineer for each project Flexible development options for customer’s needs or project time-line (rapid optimization using ML, detailed optimization by DoE program)

Capability for media development

Sample request

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