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CELLiST Solution Center (CSC)는 인천경제자유구역(IFEZ)에 위치한 당사의 연구 시설로, 핵심 역할은 당사의 배지를 사용하고자 하는 고객에게 필요한 배지 관련 서비스를 제공합니다.

CSC의 연구원들은 로봇 배지 조성 장비 및 자동화된 초소형 바이오리액터 분석 시스템을 사용하여 빠른 세포/배지 개발 연구를 수행하고 있습니다. 배양 과정을 통해 얻어진 데이터는 최신의 multi-omics 분석 기법 및 전문화된 big-data/AI 분석 기법을 이용하여 보고서화 됩니다. 최신 장비와 아지노모도㈜의 고성능 아미노산을 사용하는 것 이상으로, 유연하고 자유로운 업무 절차를 통하여 고객의 문제 해결 및 적확한 고객 요청에 최소한의 시간을 통해 대응할 수 있는 점이 CSC의 장점이기도 합니다.

Making your own media

with your cell line by using various media library

Schedule could be changeable according to development status Patent clearance for optimized formulation, manufacturing process development & transfer, determine quality spec, medium stability test, and so on will be carried out separately.

What We Can Offer

Customer Support, Consultation & Remote Services

Providing of media samples
Frequent support & rapid troubleshooting service on all cell culture, media or process issues Comprehensive Spent Media analysis service, including cell viability, IgG titer, full amino acid consumption profile and metabolites analysis

Cell Adaptation & Media Screening

Comprehensive adaptation procedure optimization @ CSC Lab
Media screening (using CELLiST media library as well as any desired formulations by the customer) Cell culture in either shake flasks or Ambr15® microbioreactor system Complete spent media analysis Cell stock production & validation

Scale-up Support

Close support to our customers through their process development and scale-up stages up to commercial manufacturing Application of quality by design (QbD) concepts and DoE approach for process & media development Scale-up tests in 3L bioreactors (in near future, till then can use nearby facilities)

Protein Quality Analysis

Accurate, rapid characterization of product CQAs using cutting-edge, high-throughput technology Complete Glycan profiling Charge variants analysis Optimization of media formulation and process parameters for the desired protein quality profile

Our Service Track Record

Stage R&D Clinical NDA Marketed
Pipelines 22 21 1 4

Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.

Rapid analysis of a newly established CHO cell line was followed with intensive media development process, leading to significantly improved productivity in a short period of time.

Our unique capabilities allow for strong and flexible support to the customer:

Development can be quickly initiated with starting medium optimal for the customer's cell line. Candidate redia calbe rapidly evaluated by an array of industry-leading high throughput systems supported by experienced researchers, Complete, high-throughput analysis of spent media, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other components, allows for a customized and efficient optimization. DoE and statistical analysis, combined with our long experience in media formulation, leads to rapid design of optimal composition. Keeping in mind customer goals and deadlines. our professional development team supports the customer throughout the process up to commercialization stage.

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Efficient media development and optimization cycles throughout the collaboration with Chugai led to drastic increase in productivity, reaching high protein titer of 12 g/L. In the development process, our proprietary L-Cysteine technology, allowing high concentration and liquid stability, contributed to the largel improvement in titer. In addition, media performance was further enhanced based on in-house knowledge* and additional spent media analysis, optimizing concentrations of potassium and phosphate, among other components.

Our L-Cysteine technology

Precipitation Inhibition

Our proprietary composition stabilized liquid media enhancing L-Cysteine.

Titer Improvement

L-Oysteine high-concentration with liquid-stability increased liter.

Global CELLiST Solution Centers

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