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Ajinomoto Genexine announced that it will change its name to ‘Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea’. 

Last July, Ajinomoto acquired the entire 25% stake held by Genexine, securing a 100% stake in Ajinomoto Genexine. Ajinomoto, 

a leading supplier in the global market of amino acids for pharmaceuticals and food, is accelerating its business as a medium for biopharmaceuticals as one of its foundational businesses in the healthcare field. Starting with this change in company name, it 

will develop cell culture media for biopharmaceutical production. The plan is to strengthen the global system of development and production, which is key to business.

'CELLiST', adopted as the new name, is Ajinomoto Genexine's high-performance cell culture medium brand that has achieved 

local production of cell culture medium that was previously entirely dependent on imports. It contains high-quality amino acids, 

resulting in excellent cell growth speed and protein production ability. It has the characteristic of satisfying both at the same 


The biopharmaceutical market, which provides new treatments for diseases that have been difficult to treat, is rapidly expanding, showing an annual growth rate of 12%, centered on anticancer drugs and antibody drugs such as rheumatoid arthritis drugs, and is expected to grow to approximately KRW 655 trillion in 2025. (Source: Aranca Co. report, 2021). In addition, increasing demand 

in emerging countries and the launch of biosimilars in Korea, Japan, and Europe following the expiration of existing biopharmaceutical patents are further expanding the market, and Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea will strengthen its branding in the future to 

increase its influence in the market. The plan is to expand.

In addition, since biopharmaceuticals are produced through animal cell culture, demand for cell culture media is expected to 

steadily increase as the biopharmaceutical market grows.

An official from Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea said, “As amino acids are an essential ingredient in media, we are manufacturing 

high-quality media optimized according to customer needs by utilizing Ajinomoto’s advanced technology and know-how on 

amino acids.” “By leveraging our strengths, we will contribute to the well-being of people, society, and regions by providing a 

variety of solutions to pharmaceutical and bio companies around the world.”

Meanwhile, Ajinomoto and Genexine established a joint venture, Ajinomoto Genexine, in 2012, solidifying their cooperative 

relationship between the two companies, and announced that they will continue to seek ways to cooperate to advance tog


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