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Ajinomoto Genexine CELLiST donated goods, delivered to single-parent families (single, widowed, divorced) 


Ajinomoto Genexine's cell culture medium brand 'CELLiST' announced that it donated lactic acid bacteria enzyme products to 

'Hanagaji', a single-parent family support center in Incheon, in August.

The Single-Parent Family Association was established in 2019 to improve the quality of life, independence, and growth through 

support and education for single-parent families. We are carrying out activities to protect the rights and interests of single-parent families and single-parent children and adolescents.

Co-representatives of the Single-parent Family Association Myeong-sook Yoon and Hee-jung Jang expressed their gratitude to 

Ajinomoto Genexine for donating for the health of single-parent families at the donation ceremony, and Ajinomoto Genexine 

Director Hyun-jik Lee said, “Through lactic acid bacteria enzymes mixed with healthy ingredients, “I decided to donate in hopes 

of replenishing quality nutrition,” he said. “We will continue to carry out social contribution activities for the local community in 

the future.”

Meanwhile, CELLiST is a high-performance cell culture medium brand based on Ajinomoto Genexine's technology of more than 

30 years. We provide development and manufacturing of animal cell culture media that simultaneously meets the cell growth 

rate and protein production capacity containing amino acids, as well as media consignment production services. Recently, we are focusing on research and development to solidify our position as a cell culture medium specialist company by launching new 

products such as ‘AminoSupplement Cys1, Cys2’ and ‘BASAL CHO MX’.

Prior to delivering one donation item to the Incheon Single Parent Family Association, we also delivered donation items to the 

Incheon Yeonsu-gu Office, and we are continuously carrying out activities for the local community as part of ESG management, 

such as donating 'Bono Soup' to the Incheon Yeonsu Social Welfare Center. there is.


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