Ajinomoto Genexine and Prestige Biologics sign MOU for growth of media…

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Business agreement ceremony held at Songdo IBS Tower on the 3rd

Strengthening partnerships such as developing and manufacturing customized cell culture mediums and discovering and attracting customers

‘Ajinomoto Genexine’, a cell culture medium development and manufacturing company, announced that it signed an MOU with 

Prestige Biologics (CEO Deok-Hoon Hyun), a biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) company, to 

develop the healthcare industry and discover new driving businesses for the future.

Ajinomoto Genexine and Prestige Biologics held a business agreement ceremony at Songdo IBS Tower on the 3rd. In line with 

the accelerated growth of the biopharmaceutical industry, this MOU aims to strengthen strategic partnerships to discover and 

attract global customers through expertise in cell culture medium development and manufacturing and collaboration in 

biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) technology.

Through this agreement, both companies will cross-support the convergence of their respective sales fields and sales resources 

so that they can provide customers with the capacity, capabilities, and services necessary for biopharmaceutical manufacturing in the rapidly changing biopharmaceutical market, and collaborate for mutual benefit. We plan to solidify our business partnership by establishing a business growth model. In addition, we are expecting effects such as firstly laying the foundation for mutual 

growth within Asia and secondly promoting and contributing to the development of the global healthcare industry through 

expansion of the global sales network.

An official from Ajinomoto Genexine said, “Through this business agreement, we expect to contribute to the pharmaceutical 

industry through collaboration between Ajinomoto, which possesses chemical formulation technology, and PBL, an expert in 

biopharmaceutical production technology,” adding, “The two companies will be able to increase culture productivity.” “We will 

continue to make social contributions to the economic feasibility of pharmaceuticals through joint technological cooperation, joint technical sales, and efforts to improve productivity,” he said.

An official from Prestige Biologics said, “This MOU goes beyond simply combining and cooperating between business items and will become the cornerstone for building a successful biopharmaceutical supply chain and expanding the alliance system,” adding, “It will contribute to the growth of Ajinomoto Genexine’s medium business.” “We hope to contribute to this and grow our CDMO business together,” he said.

Ajinomoto Genexine is a cell culture medium production company based in Incheon, Korea, established in 2014 in accordance 

with the strengthened Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality Management (cGMP) standards. Through our own brand 

‘CELLiST’, we manufacture and sell high-quality CHO cell culture media to customers and countries around the world, and are 

developing media suitable for various cell lines. In addition, we provide a variety of services needed by customers, such as amino acid pre-mix CMO service including media, and development of culture additives.

Prestige Biologics is a company conducting a biopharmaceutical CDMO business, providing rapid production solutions in all 

stages from biopharmaceutical development to commercialization. In addition, we are independently introducing the innovative 

production solution of Alita Smart Biofactory, which is flexible and efficient.


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