Ajinomoto Genexine CELLiST participates in ‘Bio Korea 2023’

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Held at COEX for 3 days from May 10th to 12th

CELLiST introduces new products such as AminoSupplement Cys1, Cys2 and ‘BASAL CHO MX’

Ajinomoto Genexine, a cell culture medium research and manufacturing company, announced that it will participate in 

‘BIO KOREA 2023’ and introduce its cell culture medium brand, CELLiST.

Bio Korea 2023 is an event co-hosted by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute and Chungcheongbuk-do, and is a 

global conference held at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul from May 10 to 12. Under the theme of ‘Hyper-connected era, leap to 

new growth innovative technology’, 21 sessions were prepared on a total of 11 topics, including △accelerating technological 

innovation and R&D △digital innovation △technology business.

At this event, about 120 speakers from 13 countries, including Ajinomoto Genexine, with expert master's and doctorate degrees 

in the biohealth field and related companies will participate to share the latest issues and technology business trends 

encompassing the entire industry.

Ajinomoto Genexine plans to introduce ‘CELLiST’ cell culture medium during the event. CELLiST is a cell culture medium brand 

developed based on Ajinomoto's medium manufacturing technology and know-how, which has been conducting research on 

chemical cell culture medium for over 30 years. It contains high-quality amino acids based on Ajinomoto's amino acid research 

capabilities and expertise, and has the characteristic of achieving excellent cell growth speed and protein production ability at the same time.

Depending on the customer's request, a wide range of customized production and response is possible, from small scale to 

commercial scale, as well as amino acid mixtures to cell culture media for custom biopharmaceutical production. Productivity is 

improved through the cell culture medium change program (Media Switch). Competitiveness such as antibody quality 

improvement and cost reduction was secured.

In particular, at the 2023 Bio Korea, CELLiST will also introduce new products ‘AminoSupplement Cys1, Cys2’ and ‘BASAL CHO MX’ that were newly introduced this year.

Cys1 is a cell culture medium suitable for single-agent media, and Cys2 is a double-agent medium. Both products can maximize protein production by inhibiting the formation and precipitation of cystine and improving the aggregation of Cys components in the medium.

‘BASAL CHO MX’, a biopharmaceutical culture medium, is a product developed based on the CHO-M cell line. It can be expected to improve drug productivity by maintaining high bioactivity in various CHO cytoplasms, including CHO-M cell lines.

Meanwhile, Ajinomoto Genexine will hold a session on Friday, May 12th from 9:30 am to 11:30 am under the theme of <Latest 

technological trends in cell culture media development: Advances in Cell Culture Media Development>. This session will also 

showcase the latest technologies used in cell culture media and process development, as well as new products to improve cell 

productivity. You can apply for free admission in advance, and detailed information can be found on the Ajinomoto Genexine website and the Bio Korea 2023 official website.


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